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The concert was already starting but Hye Jung hasn’t arrived yet so Tablo asked her to stay in the room if they’re asked to perform already.

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Me one day:

carrots and hummus and summer bod here i come ok let's lose a body fat percentage

Me another day:

protein and protein and protein my deadlift's gonna be so monster i'm gonna look like the hulk watch out losers

Me a different day:

idgaf tbh ice cream and chicken and burgers and nuggets what a time to be alive treat yo self

Me always:

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We’re only a week away… Repost this invite with the hashtag #SupportDiabetesNMF and win 2 tickets to #NMFFundraiser next Friday August 1st in Chicago. #MustBe21+ #PartyForACause #Diabetes :: http://ift.tt/1onujh7
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Kang Seungyoon’s self-esteem dropped to 0 in a flash

when haru decides she wants to record a song

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